Feeling very excited and PROUD receiving this preview from Gerry Visca!!!! My mind is blown. This life. This life I literally was given the gift of living 36 years ago. I have learned that that this life and living it on your terms is all about opening yourself to saying YES. You are the curator of your legacy.

Meeting Gerry Visca and Angela Kontgen changed my path last year in April. I am PROUD to partner with both of you Gerry and Angela! Your powerful and epic commitment to inspiring and changing the world is admirable. Thank YOU for being such a strong force in my and Jamie Fitzpatrick‘s life. We feel proud and blessed to call you friends and mentors. 🙏👊

The many women I have met through this publication and this energy, the relationships that have been developed have profoundly impacted my life in such a short amount of time!!!!

This opportunity both in the Top 50 Health and Wellness Tips publication and now this Influence Project coming in 2017, is coming full circle for me. Both Maureen Hagan and Tosca Reno were a HUGE part of my start in Health and Wellness, unbeknownst to them. I had the honour to tell them that personally. Now, I am being published in this project and will be in the Influence BOOK with them and other incredible people. The inspiration continues on such a deeper level!! 🙌🙌🙌 More to come on that!! ❤️

Thank you to Kristi King Perras and Pat Spadafora. My eyes are welling up with happy tears. Reflecting on how much you both mean to me as mentors, and friends. As family. As change leaders. As thought influencers. Thank YOU for your part in this epic journey, for our friendship. For our relationship. Thank you for being a part of this LIFE, article and publication with me.

Dream bigger my friends. You CAN do anything. Together we can all inspire CHANGE!!!! So excited and proud to continue to share our greater message with the world and tackle this life with all of YOU. 😘👊
Big love and respect,
Xo Kim