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Just another fad diet?

We’re staying focused and keeping our nutrition on point as we head into the holiday season!

Why You Should Work Out in the Morning!

Conventional wisdom tells us that morning work outs are THE BOMB.  I bet you've heard this a million times, right? It took some convincing to get me out of bed and into my sneakers every day at 5am and face 30 minutes of hard physical exercise. I LOVE sleep! Some...

Tuna Salad-Stuffed Avocados

Looking for a quick and easy, super nutritious lunch or snack idea? Try these tuna salad avocado boats! These concoctions are power-packed with protein and healthy fats, with an extra veggie boost! Tuna salad avocado boats are my go to snack before parties, when I...

Stay True to YOU

I had a few choices during my flight today. I could have watch two full movies. I could have a nap. I could have had a few cocktails ....😜😘🍷. Yet instead, I committed to working our business so that when I sit pool side later this afternoon, (umm by the Dolphins and...

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