Special announcement: The Big Day has arrived! The first 30 days of my Core De Force Journey is COMPLETE! Feeling incredibly proud. Feeling SO Strong. Proud of my momentum. This program has taught me mental fortitude. Perseverance. To go till the “final bell.”

You see, this program changed more than my physical body. It changed my mindset! I used to set down my weights as soon as I heard the trainer say, “only three seconds to go!” I didn’t push through to the end! My mind told me it was okay to quit before I reached the finish line.

So, I decided NOT this time. I changed my practice. I re-wired my brain to say YES you CAN push through those last 3 seconds. Even when it hurts.

I listened to MY inner voice that has transitioned to being KIND and whispers quietly “you are strong girl, you’ve got this!!!” Change occurs when you get through the hard stuff. When you push past the limits we put on ourselves. I learned this during the past 30 days, even more tangibly than ever before.

My Grow Game iis ON. It is strong. Today I celebrate my accomplishment of COMMITTING. Every single day. 👊🙌❤️

I am so excited to share my day 30 results pictures and measurements!!!! (Ps. My goal IS NOT weight loss).


Day 1 stats November 1st (pics on bottom)

Weight: 137.5

Waist: 28.5”

Hips: 38.2”

Thighs: 21.5”

Bust: 32.6”

Arms: 10.5”


Day 30 stats

November 30, 2016 (30 day weigh-in measurements)

Weight: 133 (4.5lbs lost)

Waist: 26.1”. ( -2.4 inch loss)

Hips: 35.4” (-2.8 inch loss)

Thighs: 20.1” ( -1.4 inch loss)

Bust: 31.8” (-0.8 inch loss)

Arms: 10.5:

I am beyond blown away by these results and this program. I cannot believe how much the past 30 days has changed totally changed my physical strength. My mental strength. This program changed my emotional strength!!!

These programs, and the continued support through our Accountability Groups is beyond incredible. HUGE shout out to our Crush It Fitness Tribe tackling this program with us. BIG love to the #badass ladies in our #girlsquad fight club and the men and women in our MINDSET Accountability Group. I would not be here without YOUR inspiration daily. Lastly, thanks coaches Jamie Fitzpatrick, Joel and Jericho!!!

Thank you for letting me share my own transformation and personal journey with you over the past 30 days. It has helped me stay accountable to my Big Hairy Audacious Goals #BHAGS.

Cannot wait to rock the next 30 days!!!!

With deep appreciation, love and respect,

Xo K