Just another fad diet???

Counting calories, tracking macros, portion control containers, low carb, no carb, carb cycling, timed nutrition, and allllllllll the fad diets in between…#beenthere

Ever given one, two, or maybe all of these a try?

And if you have, maybe one of these strategies work for you.  Maybe it was exactly what you needed for REAL, long-lasting results.

Or maybe not.

Enter: 2B Mindset.

I’m not here to say one nutrition program is the universal program for all. Why? Doesn’t exist.

I’m not here to say none of these other structures work.  Why? They can.

I’m not here to say 2B Mindset is the perfect program for you.  Why?  You must decide.

I do want to share how 2B Mindset is different and my personal experiences learning the program and how hundreds, yes HUNDREDS, of pounds of been released in our private, 2B Mindset Success Community.

Just another fad diet?

Actually…it’s quite the opposite.

Let’s get real for a minute.

What happens with diets when it’s all focused around restriction?

  1. You often pass on experiences, celebrations, events, and things you truly enjoy.
  2. Or you say…hey, life is too short to miss out on these things and you indulge, enjoy but then you don’t get back “on track” with the plan.

We’ve all been there more times than we can count.

We see magazine covers while waiting in line at the store, we see posts and ads on social media, and we’ve all pinned a million pins on Pinterest telling us what’s going to be the next hot program out there.

So let me ask you this…

What’s your goal?

Is your goal to create a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, and be confident and happy with your food choices?

If yes, then your goals are already in line with the 2B Mindset principles.

2B Mindset takes out the guesswork and teaches you a system that can be used day after day. Over time, you will see what works for you and your body.

I honestly believe, it comes down to structure.  If you thrive or succeed from structure or if you prefer to have a more “laid-back” approach to your nutrition.

For some, they need to have containers, a calculation, or a number goal to hit each day.

For others, removing structure and learning and applying easy-to-follow principles and healthy habits is exactly what they need to remove the stress they often feel with plans centered around calories, macros, or portion containers.

Having loss over 100 pounds (and keeping it off!!!), Registered Dietician Nutritionist, Ilana Muhlstein, created the 2B Mindset program from her personal experiences around weight loss.

She has been sharing her principles with clients at her private practice in Beverly Hills and clinic at UCLA and is now sharing those same strategies with the Beachbody family.

Her program includes 21 videos where you will learn the in’s and out’s of 2B Mindset, recipes, and all the resources you need to stay on track.

Is this plan magic? No such thing.

But there is something magical that happens when a group of individuals come together forming a community to support one another every step of the journey.

Crush Nation is launching a NEW 2B Mindset Community where we are teaming up with top team leaders to bring you the best of the best when it comes to an online space for support and resources.  We’re combining forces to ensure you’ll receive new perspectives and ideas every single day to keep you excited about this process.

That’s what it is…a process.

There’s no such thing as an overnight fix.

If you’re ready to explore more about 2B Mindset and if the program and it’s long-term focused principles will best serve you, click here to learn more.

One Pan VEGGIE MOST layered Fish Bake!

This is such an easy and tasty recipe, and silver lining? It is also 2B Mindset approved. Veggies most, with all the flavour and protein to boot.

The goodness:


5 Pieces of fish (we prefer halibut or cod) (use more for leftovers + meal prepping)
3 cups Kale + spinach
1 bunch of asparagus
1 large red pepper
½ cup shredded cheese of choice (a sharp cheese is best)
1.5 cups of Pico de Gallo or fave salsa


1) Either use frozen fish or fresh fish, if fresh Pat fish dry
2) Layer kale + spinach on bottom of glass dish
3) Put 1 cup of salsa across the kale + spinach
4) Put small layer of sprinkled cheese over the salsa
5) Slice red pepper thinly and lay half the peppers across kale + spinach blend
6) Lay fish out side by side across the kale + spinach
7) Lay (cut tips off) asparagus across the fish
Put remaining red peppers across
9) Add remaining cheese across the top
10) Add remaining salsa across the top
11) Bake for 25 minutes at 375.


We kicked off a new 2B Mindset Community where the support is ROCKING as we continue to build a strong foundation together so that YOU can see achieve massive success.

Ready to see if 2B Mindset is for you?  Click here and let’s explore this together!

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