Welcome to our website! As a wife and mom of two, with thriving dual careers as both a health/fitness coach and corporate manager, I know how busy life can be! With so many balls in the air to juggle, finding time to eat right and exercise can be a real challenge.

And yet...when you commit to the discovery of your best self, you are better able to take care of all the things that matter in your life!

Have I always made myself a priority? No. I never used to think that it would be possible to change my lifestyle. Flash back to just a few years ago when I gained 65 lbs with both of my pregnancies. Before I started my own health and wellness journey in 2015, I didn't work out consistently. When it came to exercise, I was a one week on, one week off kinda girl. I told myself that I was just too busy to be consistent.

And as for nutrition...I was an emotional eater, yo-yo dieting and a slave to my scale. I kept telling myself the same old story: that as a full time mommy, wife, volunteer on a board of directors, with a full time corporate job, I was just too tired to eat right! I deserved to eat that donut!

When I finally held up the mirror and took a good, long, honest look, I started to ask myself: When had I ever put myself first for even a minute? Why wasn't I making my own health a priority? What about my mental, emotional and physical strength? And what would happen if I finally changed all that?

I realized that my new mantra had to be "when I work out today" NOT "if I work out today." For me, this shift is all about the realization that the right mindset is critical in order to change habits, routines or lifestyles.

We are all on a path. The cool part is, we get to choose our mindset along the way, and thus shape our destinies! I am committed to this journey to my best self! I feel strong. I feel powerful. I feel happy! And I became a Beachbody Coach so that I can share this journey with you!

The nutritional programs we teach are long term lifestyle habits that work for real people. The fitness programs are designed to fit into busy schedules, and can be adapted for a wide range of fitness levels and abilities. This lifestyle works!

Side by side, one on one, as well as in private and safe group forums surrounded by an epic community of like-minded people, we'll give you the accountability and support you need to find your strength. As I have finally come to realize, strength does not come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't do.

Reach out when you're ready to commit to moving toward your own greatness! We are in this together!!!!

Kim Fitzpatrick is an influencer

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Posted by Defyeneurs on Monday, January 30, 2017