Fridays are FLEX Days in our world! That means we get to flex our muscles and show them off to the world, as a way to show ourselves how far we’ve come and, most of all, to inspire others to join us and find their strength too!

Flex Fridays are also the days we get to see the confidence, the smiles and the MUSCLES (physical, mental and emotional muscles being flexed and growing DAILY) rolling through our feed in our virtual forum in both of our accountability groups!!!!

Flex Fridays are a celebration of STRENGTH victories, and a day to focus on what our bodies CAN do. It’s about celebrating our small wins that we have accomplished over the past week of this epic health and wellness journey!!!!

Progress is LOADING!!!!

Although we’re flexing our physical muscles today, what we are most proud of is the fact that this is not just about the physical results. It is also about the mental strength and emotional happiness that we feel. The inner strength that grows daily and manifests in our lives in all sorts of ways. This positive and consistent change, these “muscles” are directly correlated and result of this lifestyle inspired program!!!!!

So go ahead. Take a selfie. Flex those muscles, and show ’em off. This isn’t just about strong abs and chiseled biceps. Flex that mental and emotional strength too, and use it to power up your life.

What ever you are tackling during this beautiful week … sending you “flexing” STRENGTH and BIG love.

Xo K and Jamie