Punta Cana Hard Rock: Thank You, Team Beachbody!

Sunset, beach, hearing giggles and this crew? In our happy place times 1000!This. Is. The. Magic!!!! This week, we are soaking it up at the Hard Rock in Punta Cana, along with 2000 other coaches as part of an all expenses paid Team Beachbody Success Club rewards trip! Blows me away that we are on a trip that is all covered, and that we can take our family to experience this with us. Some of our Crush It Fitness team has earned this trip as well!!!! This meas a full week with hundreds of the most positive, fun, and happy individuals you could ever be around.

A week full of sand, salty kisses and FUN with our family wouldn’t be complete without honouring the lifestyle choices that got us here, the dedicated healthy habits that have transformed our lives in more ways than we can count! From hitting up the hotel gym (we stream our workouts through our phones via Beachbody on Demand) to sunrise yoga on our balcony, our daily workouts are a part of our routine that travel with us wherever we go!

Jamie even got in a few early morning jogs on the beach. As he will tell you, jogging on sand is HARD WORK. Feels amazing though, and when you have a beach to run on, you use it! 😊 👊👟

Post workout FUEL is all about trying to stock pile my steamed veggies, aka the greens, when I can find them!!!

That face, coffee and clean eats = happiness and a bit of eating balance on this beautiful resort!

One more essential part of our healthy lifestyle is a daily dose of personal development. In our virtual (aka the magic) accountability groups, we commit to reading a book together each month. This month, based on our book choice poll, we landed on The Miracle Morning. I was committed to reading both these books during this glorious week in paradise!

Here are my pool and beach essentials for the day!!!

Caitlin Ford thank you for hooking us up with the #beautycounter sunscreen line especially the Protect Stick!!!

I may be that mother chasing my littles with sunscreen and hats!!!

Even on holiday, we never take a vacation from our lifestyle habits. Meals, Movement, Mindset – these key ingredients don’t just fuel our bodies, they nourish our business too. Like the hundreds of other Beachbody coaches gathered here in paradise this week, we’re here because we’re building our business by serving hundreds of people all over North America.

We LOVE this life  . A life of serving others and inspiring people to think differently about living their BEST life. In all aspects.

We call that Super Food for the soul.

So glad the kids are here with us and being exposed to this positivity and this energy. It has been amazing for them to experience what we do in this job, and the trips are a HUGE part of it.

Big beach love,

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