Sample Fitzy Meal Plan for the Upcoming Week!

We’re sharing our sample Fitzy meal plan for the upcoming week!  As we head into the holiday season and enter the last 5 weeks of 2018, we’re focused on keeping our nutrition on point.  Did you catch that?  The last 5 weeks of the year!   We have BIG plans for the last month of the year and even more exciting things coming at the start of the new year, so we’re staying focused on meal prep and making healthy choices with foods we enjoy.

The holidays can get busy very quickly for all of us.  Having a plan and prepping at the start of each week will help you stay on track.

We share our weekly meal plan, along with the grocery list, each week with our clients in our exclusive accountability groups.  Many find it helpful to follow as it shows and others use it for ideas when creating their own.

Check out this goodness!  My favourite is seeing the refrigerator prepped and ready for the week ahead.

Did you prep for the week?  Interested in receiving more plans and ideas like this?  Let’s connect here and finish 2018 STRONG!

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