I had a few choices during my flight today. I could have watch two full movies. I could have a nap. I could have had a few cocktails ….šŸ˜œšŸ˜˜šŸ·.

Yet instead, I committed to working our business so that when I sit pool side later this afternoon, (umm by the Dolphins and tigers apparently šŸ˜) I can carve out some relaxation time. Here is the thing I have learned.

We only have so many hours, minutes and seconds in a day. Everyone second counts. Jamie Fitzpatrick always says you have to “wring out the water” so to speak of every last minute to achieve your goals. Those dreams. To switch your mindset from I can’t to I CAN.

You see, I have fought through a LOT to get to the mental, emotional and physical place I am at today. And that will change tomorrow as I GROW through today.

It has taken me a lot of work, self love and a HUGE community to truly feel proud of me. To be happy with the person I see in the mirror. To be proud of my actions when I fall into bed at night. I am finally self assured. No longer a people pleaser. I truly feel competent AND Confident.

I am proud of the woman I am today because I literally FOUGHT to become her. No longer a victim. Instead a victor in my own life.

So, as I sit behind this computer on my flight, writing a blog for our website, working on new and inspired content for our accountability group for the next five days, helping my new coaches I am mentoring all from the air. That is the beauty of a “mobile office”. I can ROCK this job anywhere šŸ‘Œ

I feel empowered. Excited. Passion. All the feels for this life. A life as a health and wellness coach and business mentor we GET to inspire men and women to live their best lives in their best state.

I continuously realize, I have a lot to say. Verbally and through written word. I have a story to tell. Lessons to share. I have LIVED through a lot. GROWN through a lot. HEALED a lot. It is my mission in life to help people know they are perfectly imperfectly them. We all are perfect beings in our own imperfect way. Be unabashedly proud of that.

Because, as my beautiful Gramma always said “other people opinions of you don’t matter, in fact they are none of your business”. Which I interpret that to mean – stay true to YOU. Unapologetically. Authentically you. Because the people who judge are the ones with the work to do.

Thanks for listening to what will be one of my many blog posts on our new website … ā¤. As Danielle Laporte wrote in her blog yesterday about awake vulnerability my courage might inspire some, and enrage others. Iā€™m showing up anyway.

Thanks for listening!!! Felt compelled to share my story … from today’s mind. šŸ™Œ
Xo K šŸ˜˜ā¤


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