Ultimate Portion Fix: Taking Nutrition to the Next Level!


If you’re following along with us on social media, chances are really good that you’ve seen us sharing info and pictures with us using our brightly coloured portion control containers.

By far the number one challenge or struggle we see when people are wanting to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves comes down to nutrition – how to know what to eat that will FUEL their bodies.

That was once us, without a doubt.

So how did we personally transform our nutrition and FINALLY feel confident in the kitchen???

It was simple, really.  It all started with the portion control containers that originally launched as part of the 21 Day Fix program with Autumn Calabrese.

And the best part????

Autumn has released the Ultimate Portion Fix program that takes these beautiful little-but-mighty containers to the next level!

It’s more than just “portion control.”

The Ultimate Portion Fix dives into the principles behind WHY these containers have changed millions of lives around the world.  WHY millions have transformed their health and outlook on nutrition.  WHY millions have taken control of their eating habits with this structured system that works!

With the UPF resources and tools, you will break your sugar addiction, get your whole family on board with eating healthy, and teach you how to maximize your nutrition for performance.

Honestly? It’s exactly what your body needs to operate at it’s best.

❌ Absolutely NO starving.

❌ NO random points that disregard food source.

❌ NO fasting.

❌ NO fad diets.

✅ Ultimate Portion Fix is all about YOU enjoying the food you eat and your body getting the most out of the foods to fuel your body using the right ratios it needs.

What included in the Ultimate Portion Fix?

  • Over 30 new videos about the containers and principles of the nutrition plan
  • Portion control containers
  • A workbook and daily logbook
  • Fixate Volume 2 Cookbook with 102 new recipes
  • Access to over 200 episodes of the Fixate Cooking Show
  • 75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids PDF
  • Tracking with the Nutrition+ and Beachbody on Demand apps

We are kicking off our next round of Ultimate Portion Fix in our upcoming challenge group, and we start Monday, April 22 with prep week!

The results and feedback from the first group so far??? Gahhh, I can’t even begin to explain just how life-changing this program truly is.

Summer is right around the corner.  I don’t know about you, but I’m already dreaming of summer vacations, soaking in all the summer sun, the tank tops, the shorts….the swimsuits!!

If you’re ready to go ALL-IN with us as we support one another and cheer the group on to crushing our goals, you can learn more about the different Ultimate Portion Fix packs available here.

Like I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again…you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.  You can hit the gym, the treadmills, the weights, and you can run allllllll day long.  But if the nutrition aspect of your healthy lifestyle is in need of a little (or a lot) of T.L.C., the challenges will remain.

Together, along with the Ultimate Portion Fix, we’ve got you!  We are keeping it simple and breaking down the program into totally manageable steps that will set you up for results and most importantly – results that will last!!!!!

Our upcoming exclusive UPF Challenge group kicks of April 22nd!

To reserve your spot, check out the page here and submit the form and we will send you all the info you need to get started!

Why should I work with Kim & Jamie?

You can most definitely try the Ultimate Portion Fix on your own, but I know from personal experience time and time again that we are way more likely to succeed when we surround ourselves with like-minded individuals that will help to hold us accountable.

We’ve been running online accountability groups for over 4 years now and we’ve not only personally used the portion control containers to transform our own lives, but we’ve seen countless customers do the same.

We have created a library of resources, tips, meal planning ideas PLUS SO much more to help you create a healthy lifestyle that you LOVE and ENJOY!

Meet Jamie & Kim

Founders of Crush It Fitness // 2017 Top Ten Elite Team // 2017 Only Elite Couple in the Company // 2016 & 2017 Top Ranked Male Coach in the Company // 2016 #6 and #7 Ranked Coaches in the Company


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